Steve Hudson

Lately I’ve been doing something else again that I haven’t done in a long, long time. I’ve been sitting down with a pad of paper and a ballpoint pen and (are you ready for this?) rediscovering just how much fun it can be to writing poetry.

Lately, with that first little subtle hint of fall drifting into the air, my thoughts have turned toward outdoor dining. I don’t mean the kind…

I was cleaning out a corner of the garage last week when I stumbled (literally) over a small but very heavy box. You know those boxes you packed up decades ago but then misplace for years until time and dust erase them from your memory, and they sink into the background noise of life and you just never get around to unpacking them ever again?

In a column, outdoorsman Steve Hudson discusses the loss of his wife and tells their love story through the adventures and quiet moments they shared together. 

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