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MILTON, Ga. — Cambridge baseball recently suited up for a good cause to support a local non-profit group. The Bears donned purple socks and special jerseys during its April 19 game in support of Purple Pansies, a non-profit created in 2008 to raise funds to save lives and end pancreatic cancer.

“Cambridge baseball is proud to partner with Purple Pansies and wear purple to help support the fight to end pancreatic cancer,” varsity head coach Evan Tieles said. “I think bringing awareness to a cause like pancreatic cancer is just a necessary course of action.  It helps bring information to people that may not be aware, and with any cancer, early prevention is the key to helping to save lives. Purple is a color that stands out, and the fact that it’s different than our team colors, it makes people wonder why we wore purple and the meaning behind it, which in the end helps spread awareness.”

Maria Fundora, who also threw out the first pitch at the Bears’ April 19 game, founded Purple Pansies following her mother’s death from pancreatic cancer. She felt called to raise awareness and crucial research dollars for this chronically underfunded but deadly cancer. To date, Purple Pansies has raised more than $3 million to fund research and aid affected families.

“I was so proud to see these athletes be champions to end cancer,” Fundora said. “I feel like we are planting seeds into the hearts of youth to get involved with nonprofit work.”

For more information on the group, visit

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