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You have cancer…now what?

Cancer is a scary diagnosis. We know that cancer occurs as a result of the body's own cells becoming so worn down and damaged that they must mutate in order to survive. As these mutated cells grow, they form a tumor. If untreated, cells can escape the tumor and spread to other areas of the body.

Jonathan Stegall, MD

Jonathan Stegall, MD

This process of cancer formation and spread is quite detailed, which suggests that the treatments we use for cancer should be detailed as well. Mainstream treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are important, but on their own they leave many key details unaddressed. This is one reason why we are continuing to lose the war on cancer.

If we truly want to improve our cancer treatment outcomes, we must broaden our horizons and incorporate a wider variety of treatments. For this reason, I have created a website, This website has lots of free content including episodes from my award-winning podcast, The Cancer Secrets Podcast. It also has information about my bestselling book, Cancer Secrets, as well as my new online cancer course for patients and their families, Cancer Secrets University. I consider this essential information for anyone dealing with cancer!