Luxury has become one of the most heavily applied descriptors in the marketing of real estate, and in fact, the marketing of many goods and services over the last century. But for a word so liberally employed, its definition is rather subjective in nature. Ansley Real Estate is embodying the new luxury, effectively defining it for an entire generation of homeowners. But just as heritage has informed the meteoric rise of this brilliant and progressive new firm, which sold over $2 Billion in residential property in 2020, so does it inform the reimagination of luxury in real estate. As we look back on a heritage of luxury, we also embrace a bright and beautiful future where luxury is welcoming, accessible, and profound like never before.

Cynthia Lippert


A Heritage of Scale

Atlanta’s heritage as a metropolitan community is rooted in aggressive expansion, an outward pulse of development shuttling amenities to the far-flung hillsides of the suburban landscape. Wide open space is our birthright, and we have historically indulged in it with decadent labyrinths of crisscrossing highway structures and fine automobiles. Square footage seemingly knows no limits in our metro area as opulent mcmansions dotted the countryside from the mid-nineties, boasting rooms for every imaginable purpose with grand ceilings and vast floor plans. More, historically speaking, is more. 

An Indulgent Celebration 

There have been periods in our history where luxury was not only represented by grand scale, but by a celebration of itself. The once unattainable nature of luxury demanded it to be flaunted. Things, including real estate, not only had to be magnificent, they had to be earned, and therefore seen. Gilded fixtures, decadent molding, rich fabrics and rare and imported furniture demanded attention, and Atlanta claimed its rightful place as the South’s design capital. Perhaps this era of opulence is where the term “boasts” became a ubiquitous operative in real estate listings when referring to a home’s most unique and grand features. 

A Growing Empire 

Perhaps as a result of the more is more mentality that once defined luxury, the growth of grandeur has typically centered around the commercial heart of the city. In Atlanta, a culture of luxury resided in the cool shadow of old oak trees and rising skylines where the city’s most revered professionals and business icons built their empires. A whole world could be comfortably and attractively situated around a city poised to generate unimaginable wealth that would soon, inevitably, radiate outward into the suburbs.

As our landscape has evolved at the turn of the 21st century, the terms have changed, and what defines luxury along with it. As an award-winning real estate firm charged with building the empires of thousands of clients globally, Ansley is excited to present the new luxury.

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