Congratulations to Premier Dermatology and Mohs surgery of Atlanta for its fourth year in a row of being voted Best Dermatologist and Best Vein Specialist of North Fulton! Since opening in 2017, Premier Dermatology has quickly become the go-to dermatology practice for quality and comprehensive dermatologic care. As in years past, I decided to sit down with Dr. Brent Taylor and Kathryn Filipek, PA-C to get their take on their success and to learn a bit more about them.

Dr. Brent Taylor


Alyssa: Hey you two! Thanks for meeting with me again. Winning the Best Dermatologist and Best Vein specialist for four years in a row means you must be doing something right! To what do you contribute your continued success?

Dr. Taylor: Thank you! Well, I believe that my patients understand our sincerity and our dedication to their healthcare. Kathryn and I and our amazing team all honestly care about our patients and their well-being. I hope that that sincerity comes through during our interactions. We always strive to give our patients our complete attention and to learn more about an individual as a person as well as a patient. There are plenty of times when a patient brings something to our attention or when a case compels us to do additional research. Kathryn and I are constantly collaborating and advocating on our patients’ behalf. I believe that comes through.

Kathryn: I agree with everything that Dr. Taylor said, our team really is wonderful. And we have received a lot of compliments that the practice has a personal and “boutique” feel, even as we deliver care that is scientific and academic.

Alyssa: Dr. Taylor we all know that you are a board-certified dermatologist, and a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon. There is no doubt of your ability to skillfully handle dermatology and skin cancer patients. How many surgeries have you performed now?

Dr. Taylor: Oh, probably over 10,000, but more important than the number is the type of cases that we are treating. I believe that we are one of the only practices in the state of Georgia that performs true Mohs surgery for melanoma on the face. Many of the surgeries that we perform are truly life-saving, and I am proud of the type of work that we perform.

Alyssa: How does varicose vein treatment fit into your practice and what advancements did Kathryn Filipek bring?

Dr. Taylor: We are beyond grateful for the addition of Kathryn! She really is a fantastic and knowledgeable provider. Most importantly, our skillsets really complement one another. For example, my focus in the vein clinic portion of our practice is on treating venous disease that results in leg swelling or pain, and Kathryn has years of experience performing aesthetically-focused cosmetic sclerotherapy. She brought PRP for hair rejuvenation to the practice as well as chemical peels and is a truly outstanding injector of Botox® and cosmetic fillers. The addition of another provider also means that we are frequently able to accommodate patients for same day or next day appointments.

Alyssa: Well, I think that will help our readers understand more of what helps you both win Best Of year after year. But, as is now tradition, I thought we could ask a few casual questions to allow your readers get to know you both a little better.

When you started working at Premier Dermatology, what surprised you?

Brent: The administrative side of running a practice was more complicated than I had anticipated. I was not wearing rose-tinted glasses when we opened, but electronic medical records, government reporting, and the insurance-side of medicine all were more challenging than I expected. I want to thank all the patients who put up with the hiccups in the first two years for their understanding as we were working out some of the kinks.

Kathryn: Prior to joining Premier Dermatology in early 2020, I had spent almost 19 years working in larger dermatology practice settings. In starting here, I was pleasantly surprised by the “family” feel of the practice and not only how close the staff were to each other, but how close some of the patients were to my current coworkers. It is comforting to be a part of a true “work family.”

What are your pet peeves?

Brent: I think most of my pet peeves involve reckless or aggressive driving. On the road, people all too often act like they see cars as obstacles rather than as fellow travelers.

Kathryn: Expecting instant gratification without the willingness to do the work. I believe hard work is often necessary to achieve your goals. This is something I tell my kids about homework and good grades, as well as my patients who often require a regular routine to maintain or improve their skin conditions.

If your childhood had a smell, what would it have been?

Brent: Blueberry pie and fresh cut grass. My grandfather had a blueberry and Christmas tree farm and my mom is a fantastic baker. I am beyond lucky to have been able to play outside all day, explore the farm, catch various critters then come inside to homemade desserts. I had a fantastic childhood.

Kathryn: Basically, the outdoors in Michigan. Nose-closing crisp air in the winter, water (from the snow melting) in the spring, fresh grass and dirt or sap on my hands as a kid, and leaves in the fall (which basically ended in September for me.)

What is the most ridiculous outfit you’ve ever worn?

Brent: I once won a Halloween contest by dressing up as a bag of Jelly Belly jellybeans. My neighborhood Costco gave me a huge clear plastic bag, and I punched holes in it for my arms and legs and filled it up with dozens of different color balloons then taped a Jelly Belly logo across it. My costume was the hit of the party, and nobody could get past me because I was seven feet wide.

Kathryn: Anything in the 80’s. Don’t even ask about my hairstyle. Perms rocked!

Lastly, if you could tell your 16-year-old self something, what would it be?

Brent: To not put too much stock in timelines. I was raised very traditionally, and I thought that I was going to meet my wife in college, get married right after we graduated then start a family a few years later, and it made me worried when I hadn’t met the right person by the time that I expected. My advice to the teenage me would be to just pour yourself into positive and worthwhile activities and that the result would be becoming who you are supposed to and meeting who you are supposed to all in its own time.

Kathryn: Stop stressing. You’ll make it happen. I was so focused on my future, worrying about not achieving my goals, and how I was going to put myself through school that I didn’t stop to enjoy being 16. In hindsight, I realize that having a bit more faith would have gotten me to the same endpoint without all of the pressure I put on myself.

Thank you to Dr. Brent Taylor and Kathryn Filipek for sharing a little more about themselves and congratulations again for winning both Best Dermatologist and Best Vein Specialist in North Fulton for 2021!

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