Today, families have an overwhelming variety of educational options for their children. Schools vary based on academic priorities and emphasis on social-emotional development. The education system is notorious for its ever-changing recommendations, but at Atlanta Academy we believe our commitment to a Kindergarten-8th grade (K-8) model will continue to stand the test of time.

Through the years, research has shown the benefits of the K-8 model. We believe students are more confident when they can gradually adjust to middle school, build positive teacher-student relationships, and feel an overall sense of belonging. We have found that middle-school-age students learn and behave better when they remain in a familiar environment for nine years and have opportunities to serve as leaders and role models for younger students.

In the discovery process, we also uncovered that when 4th and 5th-grade students are intentionally taught to manage themselves through executive functioning techniques like self-advocacy, organization, and study skills, the transition to middle school is more manageable. To help these students gain a solid foundation before middle school, we developed the “Mini-Middle” program at Atlanta Academy to help them prepare.

In middle school, academic and social settings begin to change. Providing a challenging academic program is easy but developing students’ self-esteem and attitude is more demanding. For that reason, our formula combines academics with every aspect of a child’s adolescent growth and development.

Ultimately, our success record speaks for itself. More than 94% of our eighth-grade graduates are accepted to their top choice, including prestigious private and public high schools. Many of our students are placed in Advanced Placement and accelerated classes in their new high schools. At Atlanta Academy, our mission of giving every student individual attention allows us to combine specific academic and developmental needs with age-appropriate social and emotional support, which are especially beneficial during the significant middle school years. For more information, please call 678.461.6102 or visit

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