Medicare has been in existence since 1965 (fun fact: President Harry Truman was the first Medicare beneficiary), and the Medicare system has been changed or updated multiple times since. This is partially the reason for the confusion to Medicare consumers. Another reason is all the various sources coming at you with different bits and pieces of what they understand Medicare to be. These sources could be family, friends, insurance company advertisements, and even medical doctors. These sources can be helpful, and many times can point you in the direction you need to go, but take care to look at these sources as providing a “piece to the puzzle”.

Medicare becomes a lot less confusing once you understand what you are looking at. One of the key concepts in understanding Medicare insurance is recognizing the two main paths when choosing how to get your Medicare. You are typically either going to keep Traditional Medicare and pair it with a Medicare Supplement Plan and a Stand-Alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or choose to get it all through a Medicare Advantage Plan. Both are good options, but determining which option best meets your specific health and financial needs usually takes a bit of research. Monthly premiums, doctor co-pays, deductibles, prescription coverage and physician networks may differ between plans and even your county of residence.

As you can see, there is a great deal of information you need to know about each of these plan options in order to make an informed decision. This is one of the first questions we help our clients figure out, Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage. At SeniorSource Medicare Solutions, we have the tools and years of experience to help guide you to a Medicare plan that fits your needs. Once we help find the right plan for your needs, we will help you with enrollment and be there for questions along the way. Our services come at no cost to you, and we would be delighted to work with you on your Medicare insurance needs. Call us at (770) 596-6650 or visit our website at

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