You’ve had a planned procedure or were faced with emergency surgery. The next critical step is a successful recovery, and to understand that people heal more slowly and can have more complications with age. It’s important to take stock of the care you’ll need when you get home, whether it’s directly from the hospital or from a rehabilitation center.

At Home Helpers of North Atlanta, we understand the difference a proactive level of Care Management can make for a faster and more successful recovery. The transition home can be very challenging as your mobility, health and emotional needs have changed. With current COVID concerns, your support network must also be safe and appropriately use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Nurse helps elderly patient

Juggling physical or occupational therapy visits, managing nutritional needs and therapy homework can be overwhelming. Home visits from Physical or Occupational Therapists typically happen one to three times a week. We know the hardest part for you or an older loved one can be carrying out therapy homework instructions daily and exercising faithfully, but this can determine your mobility and best quality of life going forward. Here are some things to consider on your recovery journey.

Your doctor will do a medical assessment to determine your in-home care needs, and what level of assistance you’ll need with the activities of daily living (ADL’s). With in-home care, you may be discharged directly home. If you enter a rehabilitation facility, that assessment will happen when you’re ready to be discharged. In either case, work with your in-home care agency to determine a plan of care in advance.

There are five areas of integrated wellness for a holistic approach we believe must be considered for the best level of recuperation. The safety of your current situation, whether hydration and nutrition needs are being met, what level of daily physical and therapeutic activity should be followed, your mental health, and levels of social and emotional support. The question we constantly seek to answer is where are you today, and what can we do to move your recuperation forward?

Your skilled Home Helpers caregiver can take notes at therapist visits, help you follow a therapy homework schedule, remember any restrictions you should follow, help around the house, assist with personal care, infection control and medication reminders. They can provide specialized support for stroke recuperation, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.

Change is constant as you recover, and it’s important to adapt quickly to your situation. It’s not enough to set up a care plan and make a wonderful match of heart centered caregiver to client. It takes proactive attention to detail by a team with depth and skill. At Home Helpers we have added Care Managers who form a critical communication and coordination link with you and your family as needs arise.

We’re here to help – from six hours a day to 24/7 and live-in care. For a free consultation please call Home Helpers of North Atlanta at (678) 430-8511.

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