As COVID-19 has become a major force in all our lives, it’s important to understand the impact on the daily life of your older loved one. There are, of course, steps to take to maintain safe interactions in light of a pandemic that targets older age groups. Other overlooked health issues in today’s world can, however, be just as dangerous to their long- term health and continued well-being.

face of elderly man wearing medical facemask

Social isolation and distancing can be hard on all of us, but for seniors it can lead to overlooking existing health challenges that can rapidly decline. Decreased mobility and increased fall dangers can progress, ongoing hydration needs may not be maintained, urinary tract infections (UTI’s) can go untreated, and seniors undergoing rehabilitation can regress without continued exercise and assistance.

You need to develop an ongoing wellness plan for a loved one with a neurological disorder, heart disease, cancer, stroke, or diabetic condition. Changes in individuals with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s often proceed more rapidly without intervention to manage ongoing physical and mental issues. The emotional impact of isolation for extended periods of time is well known, and depression can be a serious outcome.

Ignoring new and existing health issues by seniors during this pandemic has been documented as an ongoing concern by experts. There are ways to safely navigate through a doctors’ appointment, whether via a telehealth or in person visit. Letting a new condition or changes in their current health status go without addressing them can quickly reach a tipping point with the elderly.

Your older loved one may not be able to see or address these changes without the intervention of a skilled professional. Providing both personal care and emotional support, in-home care by a heart centered Home Helpers caregiver can provide a safe, calming environment and alert you to changes in their health. The warm emotional bonds formed with a carefully selected caregiver can truly help with the social isolation that can be devastating during these times.

During the increased challenges posed by a pandemic, your Home Helpers caregiver can make sure connections with family members are maintained, manage safe interactions with friends and neighbors, handle package or food deliveries safely and allow your older loved one to thrive. Well trained in infection control, our caregivers wear protective gear like face masks and gloves when appropriate, can take frequent temperature readings, check vital signs and prompt frequent hand washing.

A carefully screened, trained and heart centered Home Helpers caregiver not only brings skills, but a heart centered approach that provides the best quality of life for our clients and their families. As part of our community, we are committed to keeping our older loved ones safe and help them thrive – never more so than in these times. We’re here and ready to discuss the needs of your older loved one. For a free consultation and personalized plan contact Home Helpers Home Care of North Atlanta today at (678) 430-8511.

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