This year we face many challenges as the holidays approach, especially as we think of our older loved ones in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The care and support they need has never been more crucial, as critical steps to keep them safe like social distancing pose new concerns for isolation and emotional well-being.  The issue goes beyond how to connect when a traditional Thanksgiving dinner becomes a concern.  It goes to the heart of bringing comfort and support back to everyday living.

Respite care can be just as important for family caregivers who find themselves pulled in many directions.  With the difficulties posed by changing and remote work situations, in-home or online schooling issues and just obtaining supplies for home and health, providing safe care for those we love is a true gift.

You may not have considered in-home care for your older loved one, but it can be a bridge that lets your family once again concentrate on the love you share.  Being able to stay safe at home means you need help that is not just up to date on important issues like infection control but looks at the   broader picture and can offer solutions before needs become critical.

Home Helpers provides a level of Care Management that addresses where you and your loved one are today, and what we can do to move their best level of quality of life forward. There are five major areas that go into our Integrated Wellness Plan to help your older loved one thrive.  They include assessing the safety of their current situation, whether nutrition and hydration needs are being met, what kind of physical activity is being followed, mental health, and the levels of social and emotional support they receive.  Our Care Managers provide an elevated level of communication and coordination, becoming a critical link with families as needs arise. Being able to respond quickly and provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and deliver extensive infection control training are just two of the ways our Care Management approach has helped us address the critical issues of COVID-19.

From several days a week to 24/7 full time or live in care, a carefully matched heart-centered professional caregiver does more than just provide hands on daily attention to their care.  They establish a warm bond that lets your loved one thrive in the safety of their own home. A Home Helpers caregiver has the skills to assist with all personal care, help around the house, safely speed up recovery from surgery, or provide specialized care for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc. 

We’re here to help. For a free consultation please call Home Helpers of North Atlanta at (678) 430-8511.

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