This past weekend on February 19, 2021, the Wallstreet Journal published and written by Walter Isaacson about gene editing. Part of my job is helping parents’ wishes come true for their children including children with special needs. The article talks about one such child with sickle cell disease who believed that his compassion and patience came from the trial of growing up with the disease.

Michelle Wilson

Michelle Wilson

Scientists have cured one woman with sickle cell disease using this genetic editing method to change her DNA removing the gene that causes the disease. The boy was asked years later (now that he ready for kids of his own) whether he would want to avoid passing the gene for sickle cell disease to his children. He said that he would. I have parents whose children are affected by a genetic condition from birth. Would they have wanted to be able to give their children a life without disability if they could? Some have said yes. Let us know what you think. Email us at:

Here at Wilson Legal we stay up to date on the current break through news that impacts our families. Our families continue to receive value long after they first see us because we continue to care and continue to research and apply what we learn to our solutions. If you want the best solution for your family, don’t you want a law firm like that?

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