Spring is just around the corner, and that means Avalon’s Signature Events series, featuring fun for all ages and interests, will soon return to The Boulevard! Read more

According to a recent survey from the National Financial Educators Council, as many as 75% of students are confused about being responsible with their money. They struggle with how to create a budget, how to balance saving and spending and how to keep track of their funds. Most of the students surveyed received most of their financial education at home. Read more

You signed your trust and now your attorney says it’s time to “fund” your trust. What does that mean? It means that you need to decide what you will do for each asset so that it is owned by your trust now or put into your trust after you pass away. Read more

From Kindergarten Prep - Eighth Grade, The Davis Academy teaches to the whole child, creating compassionate leaders and equipping them with skills they will use for the entirety of their academic careers and beyond. Read more

Therapy is hard. If you’ve ever taken those first steps through a therapist’s doors, then you know how heavy it can feel. Stepping through those doors means that you’re willing to say that something in your life isn’t working. You're saying, “I need help”; a transformative and counter-cultural statement in a society that tells all of us that we must be enough, all on our own. Read more

Did you know that exercise is a powerful anticancer tool? Research has found that exercise reduces the growth and division of cancer cells, and also stimulates cancer cell death. Exercise has even been shown to improve immune system function as well. Read more

Home is a source of comfort and the place where the vast majority of seniors want to age in place. If you or your older loved one are faced with current health care issues it’s time to consider the long-term benefits, increased safety and potential cost savings of live-in care.  Read more

When it comes to Botox®, and other neuromodulators, many believe it to be a cosmetic procedure only. Of course, Botox® is used to help with aging, getting rid of wrinkled skin, and the ability to look 10 years (or more!) younger with zero downtime. However, did you know Botox® is also used for true dire purposes?  Read more

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