FORSYTH COUNTY — The draft plan to redistrict several schools is now the final plan after the Forsyth County School Board voted to accept staff recommendations on how best to fill two new schools opening in August.

The new lines are necessary with the opening of East Forsyth High School and Hendricks Middle School which are currently under construction.  Approximately 2,800 students in seven middle and high schools will be impacted with the new attendance lines.

Deputy Superintendent Joey Pirkle said the draft plan in October sufficiently meets the primary objectives for staff in creating new attendance zones, and requires no changes.

“As staff we are always referencing the two primary objectives for redistricting [which are] do our recommendations functionally populate our new schools [and] do our recommendations relieve overcrowding at existing schools?” Pirkle said.

The public had the opportunity to weigh in on the draft redistricting plan through public forums and online input over the past few weeks. Pirkle emphasized all comments were reviewed by staff but determined no changes were necessary.

“After discussing the comments and feedback the staff believes the [draft] proposal is the one that best meets the district’s objectives,” Pirkle said.

Superintendent Jeff Bearden noted principals at all impacted schools provided feedback throughout the process and agreed with the recommendations. He asked for the public’s support on the changes.

“I certainly understand any time your child is moving from one school to another it’s always a challenge,” Bearden said. “We will do everything in our power to guarantee your child is attending a quality school…and I know that is going to happen.”

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