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Woman suspects nephew stole $3,000 in jewelry

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A Johns Creek woman reported Feb. 28 that she suspects her nephew stole some of her James Avery jewelry, valued at $3,000.

She said her nephew showed up to her residence off Threadstone Overlook Feb. 24 saying he’d just gotten out of Cobb County Jail and didn’t have anywhere to go.

The woman said that he was in jail for something related to a stolen vehicle and that she agreed to let him stay a couple of nights. She said she never left him in the house alone except once when she stepped outside to speak with her landscapers.

On Feb. 28, the woman had to go to jury duty and made plans to drop the nephew in Alpharetta.

When she got dressed, she went downstairs, leaving him upstairs. They left her residence at 6 a.m. When she returned from jury duty at 12:45 p.m., she immediately went back out and returned at 2:40 p.m. It was then that the woman discovered her jewelry missing.

The woman said she had jewelry inside of a bowl on the sink in her master bathroom and jewelry inside a jewelry box on her master bedroom dresser, which were missing. She said she was also missing two Bank of America checkbooks from a cabinet.

The woman said there was no sign of forced entry to her residence but stated she left her back door unlocked because she lets her dog roam freely.

She said nothing was out of place beside her jewelry and checkbooks missing.

The scene was turned over to a detective.