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Strong arm robbery reported at gas station

DUNWOODY, Ga. — Dunwoody Police reports said that a man buying beer at a Chevron gas station on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard was forcibly robbed by two men in early September.

The man was robbed while pumping gas and buying beer, after being followed from the store by two male suspects.

“When he exited the store he heard one of them say ‘Grab him,” the report said. “He turned around and that’s when one of the males grabbed both his arms from behind him.”

The man was able to free himself after being punched in the face by the second man, but not before the two men took $800 cash and his car keys. Reports said the man was followed from the property by the two men and was chased to his home nearby.

The man could not provide a detailed description of the suspects, but said they are often seen in the area, and he could point them out to police if needed.