MILTON, Ga. — Police were dispatched to Sunfish Bend on March 22 after a fight broke out between neighbors.

According to police, Emma Carter, 41 and Jacqueline Pecot, 59, began arguing after Carter parked her Toyota Highlander on the street in front of her driveway. Pecot told police she was unable to back out of her driveway because Carter’s vehicle was directly behind it. She claimed when she went to ask her neighbor to move the truck, Carter cursed at her, then eventually struck her in the face unprovoked. Carter claimed Pecot came into her yard being profane and demanded that she move the vehicle. She said Pecot poked her in the forehead and encroached on her personal space.

Both women claimed they were defending themselves and told officers the other instigated the fight. Pecot’s son and daughter rushed out to separate the women after the squabble began. Police arrested Carter and Pecot, charging them both with affray (fighting).

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