DUNWOODY, Ga. — Police responded to reports that a patient at the Peachford Hospital, a behavioral health treatment center along Peachford Road, sexually harassed another patient March 17.

The victim told officers he was sleeping in the hospital’s quiet room the evening of March 16 when a 23-year-old Atlanta man came in and made suggestive comments and got mad when he rebuffed him. The victim said the man slapped him then dragged his mattress out of the quiet room and tossed it in the hallway.

Police questioned the suspect who said he was admitted to the hospital after being picked up for loitering. He denied the victim’s allegations, but he confessed that he often makes suggestive remarks to women. Staff told officers the man regularly makes sexually inappropriate comments to female staff, but noted he’s never made such remarks to a man before.

The nurse said the victim was moved to a unit with tighter security because he constantly makes unwarranted 911 calls. Police found no evidence to support the man’s harassment claims.

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