ROSWELL — A 19-year-old Roswell man will spend the next 13 years in prison after pleading guilty Nov. 4 to multiple counts of armed robbery, robbery and burglary for a series of crimes targeting Roswell’s Latino community.

According to District Attorney Paul L. Howard Jr.’s office, Delvin Gray’s initial robbery spree occurred between February and March of 2008 and was centered in the Aspen Pointe apartment complex on Crique Way.

Gray was identified when a witness working on a house near High Creek Drive heard a woman screaming. That witness then saw Gray run past him and into a house where he was later arrested.

Several of Gray’s victims and the eyewitness were able to identify him in a lineup.

During the subsequent investigation, Roswell detectives were able to identify Gray as the perpetrator of at least three other robberies that occurred just days


Following his arrest, Gray was released from jail on bond and placed on house arrest. However, on Jan. 9 Gray removed his ankle monitor and committed another robbery in the Wood Creek apartments.

He followed the victim from the bus stop into her apartment and stole her purse at knife point. Muddy footprints from the victim’s apartment were traced to Gray’s Holcomb’s Crossing townhouse, linking him to the crime.

According to the original incident report, Gray was known to carry weapons, so police called in a SWAT team to serve the search warrant for his home. While they congregated, however, Gray’s mother, 40-year-old Yolanda Gray, apparently began yelling for him and police believe alerted him to their presence.

She allegedly drove her son to a bus station to get him out of Roswell before the SWAT team could take him into custody. Yolanda Gray was arrested and charged with hindering the apprehension of a wanted suspect and reckless driving.

Delvin Gray was arrested five days later.

Authorities said he must remain on probation for seven years after he is released and is not eligible for parole. North Fulton-based Assistant District Attorney Todd Ashley prosecuted with assistance from DA Victim/Witness Advocate Brenda Contreras. Detectives Joel Ruff, Jeff Sanders and Skip Tucker of the Roswell Police Department led the initial investigation.



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