JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Police responded to Winding Bridge Way on Feb. 4 where a woman reported receiving death threats from an alleged assassin.

The victim, 64-year-old Johns Creek woman. She showed officers a Feb. 3 text message someone sent her claiming they were paid to “kill/assassinate” her. The sender said they knew the woman’s name, had her photo and had several men monitoring her. The message demanded the woman send fees if she wanted to live, police said.

The suspect sent the woman a photo of herself. But she told officers she’s a Realtor with several of her portraits online. The victim said when she posted the threat on her Facebook page, another real estate agent told her they received similar texts.

Roswell police records show a resident on Allenbrook Court reported that someone texted her Feb. 3 claiming to be an assassin hired to kill her if she didn’t pay a ransom. Milton Police are investigating a similar case.

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