MILTON, Ga. — Officers were dispatched to Mazzy’s Sports Tavern on Ga. 9 early the morning of Jan. 24 where a vehicle was reportedly vandalized.

The victim, according to police, came out of the bar and found several scratches on the driver’s side windows of his Mazda 3. The general manager of Mazzy’s told officers an unruly patron had been kicked out earlier in the evening and became belligerent. The manager said the man drove around the parking lot in an SUV, then got out and began punching the windows of two parked vehicles. The suspect was wearing a ring that likely scratched the windows, the police report stated.

Bar managers provided police with the suspect’s identity and showed officers surveillance video of the incident. The victim told officers his insurance company would likely cover costs to repair to his windows free of charge.

Police held charges against the suspect, a 40-year-old Milton man, until receiving a cost estimate for the damages, the report stated.

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