MILTON, Ga. — Travelers in town for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday began fighting at a Chevron gas station along Deerfield Parkway on Jan. 17.

Police responded and found a group of men yelling near the gas pumps. One of the men told officers they were all from Virginia and had come to visit Georgia over the weekend for MLK Day. According to police, the owner of the vehicle stopped to get gas but told the passengers he was out of money and needed all of them to pay for the fuel. That angered one of his passengers and the two began arguing. The passenger tossed luggage from the trunk into a row of bushes and used the car keys to stab and deflate both passenger side tires.

At that point, the passenger and driver began fighting. By the time police arrived, both men had separated but they had bloody noses, police indicated in the incident report. Neither of the men opted to press charges and no arrests were made.

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