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Police arrest woman for harassing behavior

ROSWELL, Ga. — A woman called Roswell Police after she said a former coworker chased her in her vehicle March 8, followed her to Garrard Landing Park and stopped behind her vehicle so she could not leave.

When police arrived on the scene, the former coworker had already left. Police said the woman was shaking and visibly scared. She told police the other woman was fired in October but kept returning to her former workplace.

The woman told police she started to leave the office earlier that day when her former coworker arrived. She said the coworker chased after her car, tailgated her and pulled up behind her at Garrard Landing Park. Once the police were called, the coworker revved her engine and left the parking lot.

A witness said he saw a lady in distress calling out for help, and watched another car pull in behind her. As the witness approach, he heard the woman say she called the police and watched the other car speed off.

The woman told police she does not know why her former coworker is fixated on her. Officers told her how to get a temporary protection order against her coworker and left the scene to search for the other woman.

Once officers found the former coworker, they took her into custody. As she was led to the patrol car, the woman began trying to fall to the ground, kicking and wrapping her legs around stair railings. Police took her to North Fulton Hospital because she was hyperventilating, and she was released.

The woman asked to be returned to the hospital later to receive medication. She was returned and released again, then taken to Fulton County Jail.