MILTON, Ga. — A Milton man was cited for animal cruelty May 14 after a dog was reportedly left alone in unstable conditions at a Weatherwood Circle home.

An out-of-town visitor staying at a neighboring residence called police after she spotted the dog lying in the driveway with its fur matted and waste covering its hind legs. Police said the dog couldn’t stand and was panting heavily when they showed up. Atrophy had begun to set in and a sore was forming on its mouth that looked infected.

Police tracked down the homeowner who had been out of town all week. He claimed he left the animal in the care of Maxwell Joseph Friedman, 29.

Animal Control arrived and helped the dog to its feet. He began drinking dirty water from a filthy bin and eating from a food bowl, officers said.

The homeowner told officers the dog was 16, had arthritis in its hind legs and was “just simply old.” Freidman arrived to the scene and also said the dog was just old. Police cited him for animal cruelty.

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