ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Police responded to Taffer’s Tavern along Main Street May 23 after a waitress reported that a male customer groped her twice. Officers arrested the Maryland man after video surveillance corroborated the waitresses claims.

Sean Isaac Wheaton, 45, of University Park, Maryland, was charged with sexual battery. The 20-year-old victim said she was taking Wheaton’s drink order when he ran his arm up the back of her leg and squeezed her buttocks. The server said the gesture made her uncomfortable. She stepped back but tried to continue taking the man’s order. Thirty seconds later, she said Wheaton groped her again then grabbed the front of her apron and pulled her close to him. The waitress moved his hand and walked away.

Police reviewed security footage at the downtown restaurant, which confirmed the server’s statement. Officers arrested Wheaton.

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