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Burglar ransacks Johns Creek home on Grandview Square

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Johns Creek Police responded to a possible burglary in-progress Oct. 13 on Grandview Square after a man staying at his friend’s house noticed the residence had been ransacked and the back door glass had been shattered inward.

The police report said no suspects were found when the home was cleared.

The man had been staying at the house for two to three months and said no one had permission to damage the property or take anything from inside. His account was later confirmed by the homeowner.

While walking through the residence, the victim said $700 in cash had been taken from the bedside table in the master bedroom, and $600 was taken from a drawer in the same room.

In surveillance footage, one neighbor said he observed a man in front of the residence. Another neighbor said she had seen a car slowly driving through the neighborhood several days before, taking pictures and videos of houses.