MILTON, Ga. — Police met with a man Jan. 31 who reported he was attacked at a tennis court at the Manor Golf & Country Club, 15952 Manor Club Drive.

The complainant, Bruce Bosse, told police he went to the tennis court two days prior with his wife and 9-year-old son. He had a brief encounter about court space when a woman accused him of “rushing” her game. She told Bosse “I’m going to kick you [expletive deleted],” officers noted in the police report. 

The woman left and Bosse, 60, said he and his wife played their match. After they finished, the woman’s husband confronted them. Bosse began filming the man on his son’s cell phone. He said the suspect hit him twice on the arm, grabbed his wife’s arm and knocked the cell phone out of his hands.

Bosse learned the man’s name and showed officers his LinkedIn profile photo. He also showed police videos and photos from the alleged incident, saying he wanted to pursue charges. 

The report did not list any arrests or indicate officers had questioned the suspect.

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