On the podcast this week, Megan sits down with Professor Eric Segall to discuss the state of the Supreme Court and the fate of abortion rights across the country.

Professor Eric Segall is the Ashe Family Chair Professor of Law at Georgia State University, author of Supreme Myths: Why the Supreme Court Is Not a Court and Originalism as Faith, and host of the Supreme Myths podcast.

We all recognize that we live in a country where our politics are ultra-polarized. We’ve seen evidence of this recently in the confirmation processes for Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett.

So, to kicks things off, Megan and Professor Segall discus how we got to this moment. Has the Supreme Court always been such a divisive institution? If not, when did that change?

As the two discuss, Roe v. Wade may have been an inflection point for the Court and had ramifications for decisions in many cases since, most notably District of Columbia v. Heller. The Court may soon look to correct what it sees as judicial injustice as it hears arguments for laws passed in Texas and Mississippi that erode abortion rights.

Where do we go from here? Is it possible to repair the credibility of the Court and return it to the purpose that the country’s founders intended?

All that and more on this week’s special episode of The Georgia Politics Podcast.

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