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Podcast: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

On this cheeky episode of The Georgia Politics Podcast, we chat with Frederick Guy, an American living in England, on what the scene is like since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Frederick has lived in Great Britain since 1995, and has seen enough to tell us what Americans get right about the Brits, what they get wrong about Americans, and why the passing of the Queen is such a big deal over there (and why we Americans may not be able to fully grasp the milestone).

Frederick also touches on more broadly what life is like there and what he, as an American, was surprised about when he moved over there, and what he misses most about the States.

As most of you are aware, there has been wall to wall coverage of the passing of the Queen, and we thought we would give our own #gapol twist on acknowledging her passing and recognizing the legacy she leaves behind.

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