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Podcast: It's election season in Georgia!

On the show today Hans guest hosts with Preston to discuss…elections!

Yes, we JUST got done with the November 2020 elections and the January Senate runoffs in Georgia, but believe it or not the 2021 election cycle, and the upcoming cycle for 2022 elections, is already well under way.

This November we will see local elections being held for city council, mayoral and county commission posts all across the state. Hans and Preston discuss what listeners should expect, how things have changed since November, trends and what candidates who are still contemplating a run of their own should be considering. Hint: do it!

They also touch on where we are at in the 2022 cycle for federal offices and the presumed rematch between Governor Brian Kemp and his 2018 opponent Stacey Abrams. There are also some interesting dynamics going on that could make the Republican primary season in 2022 a lot more interesting – and competitive – under similar circumstances in previous years.

All that and more on this week’s episode of The Georgia Politics Podcast.

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