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Podcast: “Your shower shoes have fungus on them."

On the podcast today, Hans fills in for Preston who has had a busy few weeks down at the Capitol. Joining him are Megan and Craig to discuss the two AJC reports – one on the Department of Labor’s potential misuse of Covid relief funds and another on lobbyist spending during this summer’s redistricting tour.

First off, the panel discuss the AJC report that the Georgia Department of Labor spent more than $1 million on free meals for employees, from state and federal funds designated for unemployment benefits. Commissioner Mark Butler is already under a lot of fire for his handling of the department during the pandemic, and this certainly won’t help.

Then, the crew move on to the AJC report that found that Georgia Capitol lobbyists spent at least $6,300 on food and drinks for lawmakers traveling the state to get public feedback on redistricting. Fair or foul? The panel discusses.

Candidate Corner, Overhyped/Underhyped, Play-Along-At-Home and much more on this week’s episode of The Georgia Politics Podcast.

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