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Podcast: Holidays honoring our country’s military

Welcome to The Georgia Politics Podcast! On this Memorial Day, Hans sits down with Craig to discuss the various holidays that honor members of our military – past and present.

Everyone knows about Memorial Day and Veterans Day, but did you know there is a holiday honoring active members of the military as well? It is called Armed Forces Day and is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of May. 

Craig explains some of the differences between the three holidays, some of the history behind them, and the appropriate and respectful way to mark them. Many cities have parades, or mark them with proclamations. Politicians give speeches and lay wreaths at graves. Everyone should, however, know the differences and the meaning behind each one.

So on this Memorial Day 2023, we at The Georgia Politics Podcast honor all the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice that allow our country to continue to be free and prosperous, and to give people like us the freedom to express our views on politics on a podcast like this one.

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