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Podcast: Democrats buy groceries, too

This past week, voters turned out at record levels in Kansas to shoot down a proposed constitutional amendment that would have given the Kansas legislature authority to amend its constitution to outlaw abortion. Does the vote signal a change in the electorate? Also, Democrats are simultaneously passing key parts of their agenda in DC. What should Georgians take from the Kansas vote, and is the political pendulum swinging?

Next up, a federal judge ruled Friday that Georgia must end statewide elections for the Public Service Commission because they discriminate against Black voters, a decision that could bar state officials from holding a November election to fill two seats. The ruling likely will lead to an overhaul of how commissioners are now elected. State law now requires commission members to live in one of five districts but allows voters from across the entire state to cast ballots for all commission seats. The panel discuss.

Lastly, this year’s Music Midtown festival was canceled last week in part due to the state’s laws surrounding guns in public parks. A 2019 Georgia Supreme Court ruling has made it more difficult for private groups to restrict guns from short-term events held on public land. Big deal, little deal, or no deal?

Overhyped/UnderhypedPlay-Along-At-Home and much more on this week’s episode of The Georgia Politics Podcast.

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