Welcome to the Raising Mommy podcast! We focus not only on everything that it takes to raise a child, but the ins and outs of what a new mom needs to know to successfully navigate motherhood. Hosted by Kimberly Tyson, Raising Mommy is part of the Appen Podcast Network.

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Sarah Glenn, Certified Lactation Consultant and mom of 7, returns to the show to give expert advice to breastfeeding moms returning to work after maternity leave. She shares tips on proper milk storage, how to stockpile the milk supply, and how to make the transition easier for mom and baby.

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Joe Parker, Appen Media’s sportswriter/reporter and podcast host of Overtime with Joe Parker & Left Lane, chats with Kimberly about his journey to fatherhood and his new role of, Dad, to baby Chloe.

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Karen White, NY Times Bestselling author of 29 novels including The Tradd Street Series, The Nights the Lights Went Out and her latest, set to release October 2019, The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street, talks about her love of history, how she juggled a writing career with motherhood, and g…

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Have you ever wondered what kind of commitment homeschooling your children entails? Hear from Brandee Bratcher, mother of 6, who has homeschooled all of her children, ages 6-16. On the show Kimberly asks her about why a mom might choose to homeschool, what is involved and what it takes to ma…

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This week Kimberly welcomes Tanya Smith, Director of Victim Services at Kennesaw State University to discuss opioid overdose prevention for law enforcement in the state of Georgia, the 9-1-1 Amnesty Law, and more. 

This week Raising Mommy gets taken over by The Girl Scouts of Metro Atlanta Troop 14427 led by Kimberly's daughter, Grace! They talk about their recently won Bronze Award, skills they've learned, how being a scout has changed their lives and much more!