This episode of Cadillac Jack: My Second Act is one of those things that you sign up for but when it actually happens…. 

Just kidding. That’s what the first segment of the show is about, though. Caddy and Donna once signed up to host a nonprofit gala. Then they found out what it means to host a nonprofit gala. (Spoiler alert: it means you’re on the line for cash.) Then this past weekend Cadillac Jack was invited to plant a vineyard. He thought it meant a ceremonial shovel-holding, wine-drinking afternoon. 18 hours and 2 bottles of Advil later, Caddy knows that it meant literally planting a vineyard. 

The Academy of Country Music Awards is coming up. Eric Church is one of the headliners and he’s on a mission to get all of his fans vaccinated. Donna and Caddy fulfill the show’s designation as a semi-music podcast by breaking down exactly what this means for Country Music. There’s also a quick hit on what other performers you can expect to see at the ACMs. 

Caddy and Donna move on to talk me-batticals. Donna explains what they are and how she heard about them. It’s basically a break from life filled with books. At the beach. No family, no friends. Just eating, sleeping and getting massages. So, Donna’s dream of decompression. And Caddy’s nightmare. His response? “I’m so tired.” The show wraps up before Donna is able to rotate his blood. Maybe next week. 

PS It’s been 62 days since anyone has seen Morgan Wallen. Know where he is? Let us know at 7704646024.