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Podcast: White noise

It's a short one here on Cadillac Jack: My Second Act. And we are only talking about length a little bit.

Have you thanked your IT guy today? We sure have. Better yet, make sure to visit them at Christmas, because you want to stay in their good graces. You have no idea the power they wield.

It's time to get out the film, shutterfly and scrapbooks. We're headed down (photographic) memory lane. If there was one thing you've done that you could relive, what would it be? Donna has two answers.

You know when an artist connects with the audience in a way that is just pure magic? Like when Luke Combs and 63,000 of his listeners creating a moment for one special fan? They're rare, and they do happen… but Country musicians seem to have a gift for it.

We do take a voicemail from pod peep Doug. He has a question for the show, and the Jacks try their best to answer. Then it's time to rag on our coworkers. Maybe even the show host who plays the worst background white noise in the history of podcasts for five minutes and 46 seconds. Who knows.

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