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Podcast: This is a boy. He has a penis. My god!

A lot to cover on today’s jam packed episode of The Cadillac Jack – My Second Act podcast.

But first…it’s hot. Too hot. And Donna shut all the vents in the vents in the house because the ants are taking over. Or are they? Are we losing our minds.

We’ve also had a Richard the Beaver sighting…we think. Donna pulled over (after some jerk honked at her to speed up) to check in on old Richard and make sure she got a peak at the paddle tooth. Were those baby beavers with him? Wait, do beavers nurse?

As you have probably heard by now, the verdict on Todd and Julie Chrisley verdict is in. Caddy gets texts from time to time when the episode of Chrisley Knows Best that he appears on re-airs on TV.Yes, they are friends, and no, this verdict will not affect their friendship. Caddy and Donna talk about what its like to stick with people through thick and thin and what Julie texted Donna after Caddy had his heart attack.

Did anyone crash your wedding? If so, we want to hear about it. You’ll find why on Tuesday’s pod. Tune in! Text or call with your story: 770-464-6024.