Cadillac Jack has been listening back and needs to clear the air. He’s not ungrateful. He just doesn’t like to be the center of attention.

The first segment of the show looks at the influence TikTok has on the music industry. We just have one thing to say- Barry Manilow needs to buy William White a beer. Maybe a couple of them. Before leaving Then we move on to an album filled with double entendres. 

Then the show moves on to our favorite character- Morgan Wallen. If you’ve been around the Southeast in recent weeks you may have seen some billboards around that are not so friendly to the Tennessee native. Is it over the top? From there we naturally move on to the nature of Big Radio and how it handles its programming. Who knows best? Three grown men in a glass office somewhere, apparently. The transition is a bit on the nose but we take it to the lungs from there. You’ll hear why Caddy is getting vaccinated in Washington and whether or not they’re pre-rolled. Here’s to Happy Endings.