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Podcast: The magic of Luke Combs

Luke Combs gets rowdy on college game day. It paid off. And the Cadillac Jack – My Second Act is here for it.

But first, Donna has been a bit tired lately. So much so, she has been trying sleep apps she has found while scrolling the App store at night while lying awake in bed. The research may have paid off, and she’d here to start the show with a recommendation.

Part of the reason Donna may be so tired is she had to deal with Caddy on a roundtrip…together…in the same car! Long time listeners of the show will know that that is something the Jacks just don’t do. However, it happened when they recently made a 4.5 hour drive to Asheville to visit Olivia and Wil. A little Jack family reunion if you will, now that they have two living in Knoxville. They all survived, with Charlotte’s help on the trip back home.

Have you ever wondered why the ATM, or the check out person when using your debit card, gets to see your balance when its negative?! Or is it just Caddy? Well, regardless, Caddy has a bone to pick and you are just going to have to come along for the ride.

Making a guest appearance on the podcast is Alpharetta Mayor Jim Gilvin! He joins the show to talk about the upcoming Alpharetta Mayor’s Corporate Challenge 5k and the new PR he is about to set. Donna also tries to convince Caddy that he should join the Mayor and well, let’s just say Caddy has a conflict.

Should Caddy run in the Alpharetta Mayor’s Corporate Challenge 5k? Let us know what you think. Text or call 770-464-6024.