It’s a sweet-then-sour-then-sweet-again episode on Cadillac Jack: My Second Act. 

Donna starts us off with an update on the Acai berries and the air subscription service. You’ll hear how we’re coming for froyo and QuikTrip. She moves on to the watches owned by Cadillac Jack. He has them but doesn’t really *have* them. It makes sense when you realize that it’s really just a segue into wedding rings. As you may know, Caddy doesn’t wear one. You’ll hear why, what Donna thinks and what doors it has opened. “The longer you’re married…” 

Covering our designation as a semi-music podcast is a stretch today. You know those people who show up at concerts and get…. well, wild? Someone took that to the extreme at the Uncorked Van Morrison show this weekend. And by wild, we mean that someone released all of the farm animals during the chorus of “Domino.” 

The show fulfills its “serious” quota by addressing the fact that its Mental Health Awareness Month. Caddy is concerned about emotionally peaking, because “It’s been a really fun year.” (<- That’s not a joke.) Then we circle back around and cover the rise of push presents. EP Carl Appen shares the story of how (we think) Ray Appen came up with the idea. Just remember- the bigger the baby the bigger the diamons.