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Podcast: That lady had worse problems

Today on the Cadillac Jack – My Second Act podcast we are not giving medical advice. I repeat: we are not giving medical advice.

Donna kicks us off today with some observations on people who use certain types of medicine for a purpose other than their prescribed intent: losing weight. But, there are also some…slippery side effects to those looking to take a shortcut to losing a few extra pounds. Caddy is just beside himself, but Donna has some stories to tell.  

Also, in recognition of the passing of David Crosby from the legendary band Crosby, Stills & Nash, we are diving in to another segment of Dead or Not Dead. We promise that one of these days we will figure out the answers before we hit the big red record button. But what is life without a little bit of drama?

Also, Morgan Wallen man, you’re still recycling all the old music? Yes, we are going there again.

Got some good candidates for the next Dead or Not Dead segment? Drop us a line. Text or call 770-464-6024.