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Podcast: Sounds filthy. Go on.

On today’s episode of the Cadillac Jack – My Second Act podcast, Caddy and Donna get into the backlash from the Taylor Swift/Ticketmaster pre-sale fiasco.

Donna opens a show with a funny story about a friend (who shall remain nameless) who fell asleep at the opera and ended up sitting in the handing cap spot. How did this come to be? Oh, and somehow we meander into the continued conversation about Caddy’s bedside manner again.

Dead or not…alive. The segment continues. We had to, as Donna left a lot of names up in the air on the last one, so we’re back to tie up some loose ends.

Poor Ticketmaster…I guess. In the aftermath of the just awful job managing the rollout of pre-sale tickets for Taylor’s upcoming tour, the CEO went on the public circuit tour to apologize and blame market demands and…Taylor Swift’s immeasurable success? Come on man. Taylor apologizes to the fans, too. We still love you.

Don’t forget to hit up the grocery store before Thanksgiving, and Caddy has some advice: volunteer to bring cranberry sauce to the party. It’s the only Thanksgiving staple whose price has actually gone DOWN since the inflation boom of 2022.

We’re you one of the lucky few who made it through the T-Swift ticket queue? Seriously? Tell us what it was like winning the lottery. Text or call 770-464-6024. And take us with you.