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Podcast: Maximize, minimize, what's the difference?

It's statistics day here on the Cadillac Jack: My Second Act podcast, so, grab your calculator and tune in.

We go through some survey responses and are pretty thrilled to see how many folks are with us. Miss the questions? Sign up for the next ones by calling 7704646024 after 2 am on any weekday.

Donna is having some tech problems and it's double-deodorant weather. At the same time, there are new iced coffees at Starbucks and Sally is still going to the dog park. So, it's been a toss up week.

Roundabouts are being built all over the place and new drivers hit the road every day (cough cough). So we do turn to a quick PSA about safe road practices before pivoting into Caddy's latest pullover. (Unrelated.)

Then some folks chimed in about Airtags and how to really get away with cheating. Other folks were going to phone in, too, but they haven't been heard from since. (Fish just aren't biting today, huh?)

Lastly, the largest jump in Billboard history. Or at least, in Cadillac Jack's memory of the Billboard hot 100.

We just have one question to leave you with- what do you got what do you got? Let us know at 7704646024.