One, two, three, four, five, six… or something. With all the counting going on these days, Donna is having nightmares of her time as UGA Zeta’s rush chair. She’s also consistently asking herself W.W.D.P.D. For those who don't already know, that’s “What would Dolly Parton do?”

The Country Music Awards have not escaped the effects of COVID-19. Artists have dropped out and performances have been moved around. The next episode of the podcast will feature a recap of the awards, as well as a quick conversation with Joanna Cotton. Ms. Cotton will tune into the show after her performances at the CMAs and the Uncorked Concert Series.

Morgan Wallen is having some remorse about his University of Alabama / Saturday Night Live incident. Caddy and Donna discuss his actions, reactions and why he’ll end up just fine.

Did someone say "Pay-For-Play?” Not us and definitely not Cadillac Jack. It’s not included or mentioned in the second segment of the show. Nor is a certain past producer in terrestrial radio who had a habit for hot mics. It’s hard to expect on-air talent, including broadcast journalists, to not let something slip when hot mics are involved. So says MSNBC’s Ken Dilanian. And My Second Act’s Cadillac Jack.

Then it’s time for a round of Can’t Beat Jack. Aaron Gresham calls in to take on Cadillac Jack and see if he can beat him at his own game. (Here’s a hint: you’ll want to listen.)

It’s a turbulent week. SEC Football is cancelled. Mike Tyson uses a prosthetic penis and calls it his Whizinator. Caddy remembers a time or two when he has purchased some urine. Donna laments. Caddy explains.

Before closing the show, Donna wonders- doesn’t 11Alive’s Chris Holcomb also have a Whizinator?

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