Spring has sprung here on the Cadillac Jack: My Second Act podcast. To mark the occasion, it’s a Spring-themed show.

We start off with some friendly Spring Break PSAs from Donna, covering all things High School Spring Break. It’s especially useful to any parents who may be chaperoning a group of kids for the week. Two hints: your bikes will get stolen and it’s not water in that bottle. Then we move on to religion. That’s right. After 15 months of the podcast, it’s time to address the holy elephant in the room. Donna and Cadillac talk about God, the Church and religion in today’s world. After the segment it’s gametime in the Second Act nation as Greg Cayton, aka “Stewey,” calls in. Stewey knows Caddy and Donna from their days at Kicks 101.5, where he worked promotions (and Cracker Barrel). He goes back to 210 Interstate North. Ever since then he’s been one of Caddy’s closest friends. Still, there are no holds barred as they take on a game of Can’t Beat Jack. The category is ‘watery basketballs’ and ends up about exactly how it sounds. To round off the show it’s the best time of the week: Donna’s Appy segment. You’ll hear about a new way to save money when you’re spending money. Let us know what you find. 7704646024. 

The Atlanta International Auto Show will start on April 14th but tickets are available now. Find them at goautoshow.com.