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Podcast: I was high…on adrenaline

On Cadillac Jack – My Second Act, we figure out who exactly gets to keep those graduation banners at the front of everyone’s neighborhoods. Can you go cut your kid’s name off of it or is it more of a first come, first served situation. Donna needs to know. Pictures must be had and Nana is waiting.

Caddy and Donna talk about the difference between Memorial and Veterans Day, and why people just don’t get the difference. It seems to have gotten better in recent years, with people recognizing the solemn nature of Memorial Day, but its still not a time for fireworks and barbeques.

Executive Producer Carl Appen joins the show to talk a little bit about Appen Media’s public safety news coverage, and more specifically, to tell Donna how he can and cannot help her figure out what a bunch of kids were doing with a rope in the woods.

Have you ever tried to donate something to Goodwill and they turned you down? Donna has. Multiple times. Find out what she tried to donate and what sneaky work around she tried to get the unwanted items out of the trunk of her car.

How do you honor those who have lost their lives in defense of our country? We’d love to hear it. Text or call 770-464-6024.