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Podcast: I don't want to get wet or bloody

Today on the Cadillac Jack – My Second Act podcast, Caddy and Donna discuss why Adam Levine is…well…a dirtbag. He has been in the news recently because he “crossed the line,” in his words, with an Instagram model - Sumner Stroh – 20 years his junior AND asked if she would be OK if he named his new baby Sumner. The one that his WIFE is currently carrying. Caddy and Donna discuss whether or not he was serious, if it matters, and his poor wife and what she is going to do.

According to Donna, David Beckham is in her Top 5. And, she said she would have stood in the line, just like him, to pay her respects to the Queen if she had been a Brit in England. Caddy? Not so much. He is not really into that whole “queuing” thing. He would have taken the fast past though. Or at least signed the guest registry. Either would have been fine.

Some hot new hits on the Spotify hype song play list and much, much more on today’s episode!

Jury is still out on whether Caddy is going to run in the Mayor’s 5k. Think he should? Send him some encouragement. Text or call 770-464-6024.