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Podcast: How to tie a knot at the end of a rope

Stretch your imagination for this firey episode of the My Second Act podcast. Unfortunately for Cadillac Jack, it did NOT earn a triple E rating.

First we talk about The Top 10 Ways to Catch Your Spouse Cheating (and the best way to get away clean). Then on an entirely unrelated note, lets just say that Donna has a thing for badges. So much so that she's hunting for an investigation at the Alpharetta police station- or is it City Hall?

Then we move on to SNL, Kim Kardashian and the real definition of BDE.

And to fulfill our designation as a semi-music podcast we take a step back in time to November 2020, to hear about the wink and why Donna was the only one who caught it. Turns out Joanna Cotten gave the show a little more of a hint than anyone realized. Tune in and hear just exactly how she slipped in the names, and clues, for an Eric Church triple album.

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