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Podcast: Cadillac Jack threw Taylor Swift a prom

On today's episode of the Cadillac Jack - My Second Act podcast, we've got Taylor Swift stories.

But first, Father’s Day was Sunday and we kick off the show talking a little bit about what it means to different people. Some people no longer have their fathers in their lives, for whatever reason, and Donna talks about what that’s like, too. She lost her dad in 1998 and for her, Father’s Day is a reminder of how much she misses him and wishes she could talk to him again and get his advice.

About 16 years ago, Taylor Swift came out with her debut single, entitled Tim McGraw. Caddy talks about the T-Swift he got to know back then, and the special event he put on for her when she came by the radio station. In fact, Taylor, who was home schooled and didn’t have a typical high school experience, was actually given a “prom” complete with tiara, dancing and flowers. It’s an event she reminds him about anytime she sees him.

We also get to check in with one of our Pod Peeps, April. We always appreciate talking to all of you that support the podcast and make it possible through your loyal listenership. Thank you!

What do you remember most about your prom? Any funny stories! Tell us! Text or call 770-464-6024.