Caddy is self-diagnosing. This week the ailments have been racking up and Cadillac Jack knows what prescription he needs. 

It’s important for folks to bank their fame. Whether industry-deep personalities or organic rising  stars, you never want to be the last person at the party. Well, unless you’re Cadillac Jack. On a serious note, handling fame and admiration well is a trait that can end up being very useful.

With a few exceptions, Caddy has been blessed to have high quality coaches and program directors. Donna and Caddy spend a few minutes covering what that productive management looks like and how it can help.

The Bachelor is back. Caddy and Donna talk about the franchise, but not in the way you’d expect. The Bachelorette recently enforced its contract, forcing a contestant to pay up for “making disparaging comments.” It makes history and 

Set your own goals with Donna’s Appy of the Week. It brings you into a supportive community and uses that platform to help build you up. It’s the best segment of the week. 

Then to round out the show, Caddy and Donna run through a few heart-warming updates in the Atlanta area. 

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