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Podcast: Better hope that they practice discretion

It's a music heavy episode on the Cadillac Jack - My second Act podcast. But first, Donna opens the show with a game based on a little TikTok sensation that involves rating people and adding qualities to them that either upgrades or downgrades their “score.” Would a girl with a dog named Dale Earnhardt be a plus or a minus for you?

Caddy breaks into his own house. Well, sort of. He has an explainer for the Thursday episode. Like, literally how the episode was dead and then it wasn’t. It involves a LOT of trust in his IT guy.

Joanna Cotten is stepping aside and taking another stage. Eric Church’s longtime backup singer appears to be leaving the band for a solo career. Caddy and Donna discuss what might be going on and what could be next for Joanna.

Also, Caddy teases the story about when Josh Turner drove to Johnny Cash’s house and knocked on his front door. You won’t want to miss it. Tune in.

And finally, Pod peep Doug joins the show to talk about how he found the podcast and to figure out how the hell he can get The Letter out of his damn spam folder.

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