So, did you get the medical Riff Raff treat? If not, take another listen to last Thursday’s episode. We’re all recovered and ready for the show to return to normal on this Second Act.

Cadillac Jack asked folks what they were talking about over the weekend. You’ll be almost as surprised as he was when you hear some of the answers in the first segment. 

The second segment, and first story, of the episode is about the Great Nursing Home Escape. A husband and wife recently made a break for it after the gentlemen was able to use his military code-breaking experience. Donna thinks that it earned them some fresh air. Caddy is just wondering about the liability of it all. As usual. 

As a semi-music podcast, we are obligated to spend a few minutes talking about the recording industry. Today that means the Billboard Music Awards. It’s actually an interesting discussion about what makes the BMAs so different from other award shows. It makes the BMAs a little… unsurprising…. But the reason why is interesting. PS - No, Morgan Wallen is not invited. Then there is a bit about Kacey Musgraves and the dream she fulfilled. Lastly, some news on Dierks Bentley and Luke Bryant’s chaffing. It’s an episode that’ll rub you the right way. 

The show ends with a few moments thanking teachers for National Teacher Appreciation Week. Well, Donna thanks them. Cadillac Jack does too, sorta.