WARNING: Those with mysophonia (see episode _______) may find this episode irritating. That’s because Caddy has to consistently open and chew his edibles throughout the show. Drop his name at Hemp Farmacy and pick one up for yourself.

How long will this go on? When will it end? That’s what Caddy has been thinking about Donna’s new workspace.

The country music hall of fame inductees have been announced. At least one of them is wildly overdue- Hank Williams Jr. That’s why the first segment touches on “Old Habits.”

Speaking of past due, Phil Collins has reappeared on the iTunes Top 10. Caddy explains why. PS - who has 6 hours to learn a dance? Caddy only has 6 hours to watch them.

Donna wants to know more about how artists are handling press while being at home so much. It’s a bit hard to hear because Caddy has to open and eat his edible. It’s a long story… Still, some country artists have to work through changes in their home lives. For the technically challenged, it’s a bit harder to set up these online interviews and shows. On the upside, artists can be a bit more comfortable in their own homes. That is, unless they’d rather be out in the wild. Donna mentions at least one artist who would. Luke Bryan, for instance, says that he’s never had more time to go fishing.

“I’m 21 and I’ve never been kissed.” That’s the intro to the next segment. Caddy and Donna discuss six people and the big life experiences that they HAVEN’T had.

Naturally that leads into a good ol’ game of Never Have I Ever. As Caddy says, the questions “start pedestrian” before “getting dirty.”

On the third and final segment of the show, Donna and Caddy talk about the Atlanta Braves. As one of the few sports organizations owned by a publicly-traded company, looking at the team gives a peek behind the door of national athletics. The Braves saw a 95% drop in revenue for Q2. No players are receiving more than 37% of their contracted salaries. Wendys locations are closing. Donna points out that we’re just now starting to see the “large, long term” effects on national scale. Caddy gives his prediction for what the next few months will bring. We’re long on podcasts.