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Podcast: CleanTok and the Car Combs Carousel

It's the Cadillac Jack: My Second Act podcast. Anyone know what time it is? Neither do we.

It's Fast and the Furious at the Jacks house now. Question is - who plays Nic Cage, and who is Angelina Jolie? You may (not) be surprised. Seriously though, it's about that time when everyone in the house is driving and the garage is getting full. What's a Jack to do?

TikTok and mayonnaise- what do they have in common? They show us things we already know, but just don't want to see. Swipe up and find out in the second segment of today's show.

When you open it up, the first video you see is what's on your mind. Paging Luke Combs…

Then Donna shares an experience she had with a young woman and her baby. It's a harrowing story that will give you a lot to think about, in a few directions. Just be careful and extend a hand where you can.

Do you get involved, or do you keep to yourself? Or, the real question is, are you a narc? Let us know. 7704646024.

Production note: The population of Milton, GA is about 40,000.