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Podcast: Virginistic

On today’s episode of Cadillac Jack – My Second Act, find out what Caddy got Donna for Christmas. She’s just deciding to open it, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Huge shoutout to Alpharetta and its fantastic restaurant scene. Caddy and Donna celebrated their wedding anniversary in the Tech City of the South at one of its many new high class locally owned restaurants. Not too long later though, Donna’s ADD medicine wears off and we get a preview of what Caddy gave her for Christmas…

We’ve also got some big corrections to make. On the last segment of Dead or Not Dead we suggested someone was a little bit handsy and we were way off base, at least we think. Naturally, the conversation leads to a discussion on people getting goosed and how political correctness has changed in the last few years.

Have you ever heard of the “heat button” on TikTok? A Forbes article detailed this secret feature that confirmed that they have the ability to artificially make posts go viral . Caddy and Donna put it to the test and Donna opens up her app to see what she is getting served with these days.

Before we get into some revelations Caddy has about Morgan Wallen, we learn Caddy’s true age and why he is officially getting old. Any optometrists out there listening to the pod? Give us a call. 770-464-6024.