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Podcast: The pole that Ted climbed

It only took 125 shows before the Zodiac Killer made his way into an episode title. Here at the Cadillac Jack: My Second Act podcasts, we’re pretty proud of that. 

In other, non-Texan news, Morgan Wallen and Taylor Swift have reached new heights. The last folks that high were Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks. No, seriously. Caddy and Donna cover it in the first segment of this semi-music podcast. Then it’s time to have a conversation about Tiger Woods. Donna and Cadillac Jack talk about the news cycle that some probably wanted to hear. They cover the Tiger’s background and how it’s oddly similar to the recent revelations surrounding Brittany Spears. Donna points out the one “winner” from the situation, if you can call it that. 

There’s a quick hit segment (that’s a pun, it’ll make sense 28 minutes in) before Caddy and Donna hit the real goss- the “three sexiest features of men who are the best in bed.” It’s a bit straight out of Cosmo and lasts 90 seconds. Donna makes her own quick hit on a new edition of “Riff Raff Donna buys on Instagram.” This week and next week are pet-focused products. (Petter days, petter days.)

Do you remember your first time behind the wheel? For the parents listening- when did you first let your kids take the seat? Donna and Cadillac Jack drop the clutch and chime in. Before hitting the road, Caddy has a few questions about Jeep culture. If you know the answers, give us a wave at 7704646024.