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Podcast: Prom night at the Hickory Motor Lodge

It’s prom night here on the Cadillac Jack: My Second Act podcast. For Caddy and Donna that means different things. For Donna, it’s a trip to Six Flags. To Caddy, it’s a trip… somewhere else. 

Caddy and Donna’s daughter Charlotte is a guest on today’s episode, so that intro was kept pretty short. News about the Derek Chauvin trial broke as the show was starting, so we spend a few minutes on some gut reactions. As a professional jury consultant, Cadillac Jack came prepared. Afterwards there is an update from Donna and her Madonna. Then, it turns out the ACMs had mixed reactions. The Academy of Country Music Awards were a bit of a toss up this year. 

The most important segment of the show is when Charlotte tunes in. The Jacks start with their hype songs, move towards hookey and then shift into driving lessons. Once they’re through the gate, the three talk about the third-child-dilemma. Caddy brings up some history that Charlotte didn’t know about…. Again. This time it’s live on air. Were you surprised? Let us know at  7704646024.